Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by my page! A little about myself.... being an engineer by day, I like to think photography/cinematography is my lone creative outlet. There's something about being able to capture even the most simple aspects of our day and turn it into something engaging which has kept me intrigued in this art. It is my goal to be able to tell a story through my pictures and videos, and I hope you guys have as much fun viewing them as I had while taking it.

Outside of photography, my #1 passion would be traveling. I love experiencing new surroundings, cultures, foods, and customs. Put me into a new country, and I could walk for days exploring every aspect. Even with aching feet, I'm always driven to discover what's around the corner and finding that hidden gem. Hong Kong has constantly been one of my top destinations due to personal reasons, but outside of that, my favorite country would have to be Thailand. The people, culture, and food has kept me coming back time and time again.

Stay tuned as I intend to update this page with my own personal experiences and travel stories!

Saratoga Mountain Winery Wedding Hightlight: Ashley and Robert

Saratoga Mountain Winery Wedding Highlight – Ashley and Robert from Visia Productions on Vimeo.

It is rare to have the opportunity to be part of a wedding that means so much to us. It was all hands on deck for Ashley and Robert’s wedding as one of our own is her older brother and was also involved in the wedding party. The day was very heartfelt, reminding us of our own wedding days (wow, I can say that now that most of the Visia team members are now married!), and all that went behind them. Since we were all related in some way to Ashley, Robert, and their families, we were able to get an intimate look into the wedding – from planning, preparation, and rehearsal. It was hard not to be somewhat emotional to see close friends and family celebrating in this intimate event. It was often that guests would stop by and say hi while we were shooting to make us feel very much part of the celebration.

Beautiful wedding Ashley and Robert! From the rich color selection (deep red/black), the candles, the flowers, cake, and the natural look of the venue all tied together to make an elegant wedding.

We also had the opportunity to work again with Jira and team from WOWPRETTY and Cary and team from Petals by Cary. Abe from Denon and Doyle kept the night rockin’ from the DJ booth. Jen’s Cakes treated everyone with the delicious cake.

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Decathalon Club Wedding Highlight, Santa Clara: Jason + Mary

For much of the time we’ve known Jason, we were only able hear about Mary by name. Jason and Mary met while attending college, but were separated for a majority of the time after graduating, each pursuing their own graduate degrees at different schools. Surviving a long distance relationship across the country, their relationship was fueled by their faith towards God and in one another. Because of this, we only found it fitting to use Jason’s speech as the main focal point of the video, as it so nicely wraps up their relationship. The wedding truely incorporated all aspects of the things they loved, faith, family, friends, a little bit of baseball, music, and of course each other….finally back together.

Jason and Mary, we wish you the best in your new journey together!

Pictures from their wedding could be found here!

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Villa del Sol D’Oro Wedding Highlight – Pasadena, CA : Taeree and Steve

As we approach Thanksgiving, we wanted to share this special video for everyone. LOVE. That one word is all it takes to sum up Taeree and Steve’s wonderful day. This was only Visia’s second wedding in the SoCal area, and the first time shooting at Villa del Sol D’Oro , but we instantly fell in love with all the small details, and unique charms that were found in every nook and cranny of the building. It was fitting that Taeree and Steve picked this venue, as it completely matched their own personalities, full of joy and love for each other and their families.

Thank you Taeree and Steve for inviting us down to Pasadena film your wedding, hope this video is able to capture the essence of the day!

Also a huge shout-out to the team over at Orange Turtle, Cindy and Daniel. We had a wonderful time working with you guys, and look forward to the next opportunity where our paths will cross. We should do a mini-meet up soon with the Scott Roberts crew!

:: Photography by Orange Turtle ::

:: Venue – Villa del Sol D’Oro ::

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