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So why photography and videography? For starters, as cliche as it may be, I love how you can capture moments in time and be able to relive them through photographs and videos. And it's not just the simple "1-2-3 cheeeeesee" pictures that I'm talking about. I've never been one to be satisfied with having people just simply cheesing when posing for pictures (which might explain why I will usually make weird faces when I'm in them =D). But rather, it's the ability to incite feelings by just looking at an image or a scene. Whether it be a certain look on someone's face when they look at someone, to there's something about the ability to make people smile, laugh, cry, or say wow that I strive to achieve in the moments I capture.

Besides photography and videography, there's a number of other things that I like to do. Among them, the first thing that comes to mind is sports... from basketball to ultimate frisbee to ping pong and bowling, anything you can think of, I'd probably be down to play. (fantasy sports like fantasy nascar count too... though I try to cut back because I don't want to get fired for researching too much on football injury updates) I also love travelling (though I haven't been doing that as much as I'd like to lately). I like being active because it makes me feel less guilty for my love of food!

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Santa Clara Mission Wedding – Julie and Nghiem Wedding Video Highlight

San Jose Wedding: Julie and Nghiem Wedding Video Highlight from Visia Productions on Vimeo.

We had the great honor of being able to shoot the wedding for Julie and Nghiem who were referred to us by Jeannie and Tommy. Because we had a great time at that wedding, we know we had to make ourselves available for Julie and Nghiem. From the first day we met them, you can see how much they cared for each other and how much they cared for not only their celebration, but the folks that celebrated with them.

After culling through all the footage of the day, we reflected on all the moments that Julie shared with her bridesmaids and Nghiem with his groomsmen. We found ourselves sharing in the emotion of the day from the speeches, getting ready, first look, and during all the interactions between Julie and Nghiem.

Thanks again Julie and Nghiem!

We also had the opportunity to work again with Ann Ho from Styles by Ann and Nicole Ha from Nicole Ha Designs.

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DoubleTree, Berkeley Wedding // Ina + Dominic

Let’s just start out with this. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, working with fun-loving people. Thank goodness these two found us. Ina and Dominic are two people you really want to have in your life. Each one of them have impacted their friends and family so much that hardly anyone could contain their emotions. They are both carefree and know how to have fun when the time calls. They know how to make their friends laugh and know when to offer up a shoulder to lean on. Many of their friends have been their friends for a long time. Why? Because Ina and Dominic are committed to their friendships, their family, and to each other. It was touching to see how much impact Dominic had on his two brothers and how much Ina meant to her cousin. The best bond and friendship of all of course, was between the two of them. They (and every one of their friends) had waited a long, long, long, loooooong, time for this and finally it has happened! Ina and Dominic gets married and the rest is beautiful history. Take a look at their awesome day and see how Ina and Dominic represented the SF Giants!!

Congrats again to the both of you!!

DoubleTree, Berkeley Wedding // Ina + Dominic from Visia Productions on Vimeo.

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Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose Wedding // Georgia + Demetri

“Oorah!” the battle cry common to the United State Marine Corps and to Georgia and her husband, Demetri. That battle cry would resound throughout the wedding as a cry for victory. A victory for a marine that gets to wed the love of his life is more like it. Though Demetri is tough, he’s also gentle on the inside. He cares for his friends and most importantly for Georgia. Georgia is down to earth. This was most apparent when she was delivered In-N-Out for lunch before the wedding and she got absolutely excited. No need for a prime rib sandwich or a plated dish. Just an In-N-Out burger. Simple. Amazing. She also took the time to chat with us outside while we were shooting our background shots. We appreciated that a lot especially knowing how busy she was already.

The wedding day itself held a lot of special and personal traditions that all came together beautifully. The two of them are perfect for each other and we wish them the very best for many, many, many, years to come. Here’s a short video of what we’re talking about…

Congrats to Georgia + Demetri!!

Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose Wedding // Georgia + Demetri from Visia Productions on Vimeo.

Also, be sure to check out their beautiful reception venue at Dolce Hayes Mansion!

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