My passion in recording began around the time when the movie "Home Alone" introduced a device called the "Talkboy". In the movie, the main character, who was an 8 year old boy, used the device to record sounds and played them back at slower speeds. This sparked my interest in recording sound bytes at every one of my family dinners. To this day, I still have numerous audio tapes of all my cousins conversations. I love reliving memories because it brings me back to the past and makes me feel like I'm traveling back in time. Of course, audio alone doesn't suffice in bringing the full impact of a memory so I decided to get my first video camera at Best Buy. From then on, I filmed everything that I wanted to remember. People started to notice this and began asking me if I would be interested in filming their weddings. That became the catalyst to what I like to do now and hope to continue doing for many weddings to come in hopes that I can help couples relive their special day!

Nicholson Ranch Highlight, Sonoma // Nagisa + Dan

As a special Thanksgiving post, we would like to thank all our couples that we have worked with. We wouldn’t be where we are without all of you. Thank you for your kindness and your positive feedback on our work. We take pride in knowing that our videos help bring you joy. We hope that even as years pass, the videos would bring back those great memories of your wedding day. Thank you for being our motivator and our encouragement. We look forward to more happy memories!

Speaking of happy memories, there is one that we cannot forget. Nagisa and Dan tied the knot in August in a very unique way. They invited us to Nicholson Ranch in Sonoma to film their special day and told us that they had a surprise for their guests. What was it? A flash mob. Yes, how awesome is that? When we first heard that they were in a flash mob group, we were ecstatic. We knew only great things would come out of that. They invited us to come out to one of their flash mobs in San Francisco and so we did. It was one of the best experiences we had. Visia visits Bay Area Flash Mob!

Nagisa and Dan are both very sweet. They are loved by their family and their flash mob family. In fact, that’s how they met. The flash mob group is what brought Nagisa and Dan together. From there, their love grew and here we are, a post dedicated to their love for each other as a married couple.

We are thankful for them and how they made our day so easy and so much fun to film. Nagisa and Dan’s love for dancing is as infectious as their love. Watch the video and see for yourself! Enjoy!

Congratulations again Nagisa and Dan!

Wedding Coordinaton/Planning: Alex Barranco at
Photographer: Kara Miller Photography –
Check out their photos here!
DJ/MC: DJ Kenfused at

Sonoma Wedding at Nicholson Ranch – Nagisa and Dan Wedding Highlight from Visia Productions on Vimeo.

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Flood Mansion Wedding Highlight – San Francisco // Tami and Alvin

We had a great time taking part in the wedding of Tami and Alvin. Having shot Tami’s sister’s wedding a few years back, we were definitely excited about shooting their special day. What started out at the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Francisco, the festivities continued over the beautiful Flood Mansion. No matter how many times we shoot there, it always inspires us to capture all that it has to offer.

The venue complimented Tami and Alvin’s vision for their perfect day very well. While they had a great turnout, the wedding still felt like an intimate celebration among close friends and family. Tami and Alvin’s quirkiness and playfulness was quite evident and you can feel the excitement that the two had to start their lives together.

Wedding Coordinaton/Planning: Jessica Goldblatt at
Photographer: Sasha Photography –
DJ/MC: Chris Mowery @ Denon and Doyle

San Francisco Wedding at Flood Mansion – Tami and Alvin Wedding Highlight from Visia Productions on Vimeo.

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Bently Reserve Wedding, San Francisco, CA // Teresa + Jing

With a little help from a friend named Match, Teresa and Jing got the opportunity to meet each other and fall in love. They both couldn’t believe that with so many people in the world, they ended up being the perfect match at the perfect time. We know that they couldn’t have waited for this day to come any sooner. Every detail was perfect from their colors to their custom made glow sticks! We listened in on their heartfelt vows and their commitment to each other with promises of giving to one another their best. We were overwhelmed with emotions as we saw an abundance of love coming from both families as well as from each other. We are glad that through one opportunity came the greatest change of their lifetime. Congratulations on your new life together!

Thank you Teresa and Jing for letting us be a part of your wedding day!

Bently Reserve Wedding, San Francisco, CA // Teresa + Jing from Visia Productions on Vimeo.

Check out their beautiful wedding from our photographers at Teresa and Jing.

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