My passion in recording began around the time when the movie "Home Alone" introduced a device called the "Talkboy". In the movie, the main character, who was an 8 year old boy, used the device to record sounds and played them back at slower speeds. This sparked my interest in recording sound bytes at every one of my family dinners. To this day, I still have numerous audio tapes of all my cousins conversations. I love reliving memories because it brings me back to the past and makes me feel like I'm traveling back in time. Of course, audio alone doesn't suffice in bringing the full impact of a memory so I decided to get my first video camera at Best Buy. From then on, I filmed everything that I wanted to remember. People started to notice this and began asking me if I would be interested in filming their weddings. That became the catalyst to what I like to do now and hope to continue doing for many weddings to come in hopes that I can help couples relive their special day!

Oceano Hotel & Spa Wedding Highlight, Half Moon Bay CA // Matthew + Melanie

I met Matthew one day when he was visiting the church that I attended. I’m still a little unclear on how he came to the church and I’m still a little unclear on how we became friends. What I do remember was us having a conversation about him going to optometry school. When I asked which one, he said S.C.C.O. (Southern California College of Optometry) which is now Ketchum University. I responded that my aunt and uncle were professors there and he replied that my aunt was actually one of his professors. So bam! Instant connection. Then I also found out that he was classmates with my wife’s brother’s wife’s sister. So I guess my brother-in-law’s sister-in-law? Eh. Whatever. If anything, we are brothers in Christ.

Matt became one of those friends that I looked forward to seeing whenever he had break from school. We would catch up and I would see how my aunt was treating him because once in a while I would purposely tell my aunt to give him a hard time for kicks. Matt had such a genuine care for our friendship and I appreciated that he even checked up on my spiritual life.

I got the privilege of meeting Melanie through Matt and from there I could see that they both care about their friends and family. One of their friends in their speech mentioned that Melanie was asked what she would do if she won a million bucks and Melanie’s response was to use it to take care of her family. It wasn’t to go on a vacation or to splurge on herself but she thought of family first.

This post and video is also dedicated to Melanie’s father who is no longer with us here on earth but as Matt mentioned, even though he’s never met him, he has gotten to know his love, humor and kindness through his wife and children.

Congratulations Matt and Melanie, thanks for sharing your love with us on your wedding day!

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Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding Highlight, San Diego CA // Kim + Dean

I initially thought that writing this post was going to be a piece of cake but it turns out it’s harder than I thought so I told myself that I should just type what I feel and not worry about proper grammar and syntax and whatever. For some reason it’s just so hard to write about someone you’ve known all your life. But here it goes.

My sister, Kim, and I didn’t exactly grow up together our whole lives and even when we were under the same household, college separated us and we found ourselves having a long distance relationship again. I can’t exactly remember when we started getting closer but as I look back on the years, it dawned on me how she was always there for me as a little sister. From playing video games with me, to watching “Days of Our Lives” for her, she was always there. Now that we’re older I see so much more of her character. She is thoughtful, driven, and has a fierce love for family. These are the same characteristics that I also see in Dean. So it was such a joy and a privilege to be able to film Kim and Dean’s wedding. Their wedding was one that really reflected the love that the two had for one another. I’m glad that I was able to film their wedding with the help of our cousin Tim. And although it was close to 90 degrees and we were filming in suits, it was worth every drop of sweat to see her walk down that aisle marrying the love of her life, Dean. I couldn’t have hoped for a better person for my sister to marry. As the older brother, I find comfort in knowing that Kim has someone who cares deeply about her and will do whatever it takes to protect her. The wedding reinforced my feelings about Dean because as I was looking through my lens, I realized I’ve never seen my sister as happy as she was this day.

Congratulations Kim and Dean! I love you guys very much!

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Lafayette Park Wedding Highlight, San Francisco CA // Stephanie + Wayne

If I were to describe my friend Stephanie I would say that she’s extremely cheerful and goofy. She has the ability to brighten up your day with very few words. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a sea of jokes that can wash away any frowny face you might have. The great thing about Wayne is that he embraces these awesome jokes of hers. While he might deny it verbally, his heart for Stephanie says otherwise – after all he proposed. He married the girl and the jokes.

I know this might sound rather cliché but their love for each other is very obvious. I see it in the way they stare deep into each other’s eyes when the other person is talking or the way in which they rush to serve the other person first. It was beautiful to see how much the groom cared for the bride on the day of the wedding. He stuck close by her, anticipated her every move and made sure she never tripped or slipped. He even supported her balance as she threw her bouquet up in the air! There’s no doubt that they love each other very much. It just shows. Check out their wedding highlight video and join me on congratulating them on their new marriage!

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