Boulder Ridge Country Club Wedding Highlight, San Jose CA // Rachel + Diwei

Rachel and Diwei kicked off their wedding day at the lovely Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose. When Diwei arrived in front of Rachel’s door suite, he was pleasantly greeted by her bridesmaids. Okay well, maybe Diwei and his groomsmen didn’t think so because the demands for him to see the bride was high. He needed to provide a substantial amount of cash, complete numerous push-ups, write a haiku, and say “I Love You” in at least 8 different languages. But none of these challenges stood a chance and in the end Diwei made his way to his bride.

Our team had a blast filming their wedding at Boulder Ridge. It’s been a while since we’ve been there but once we were there, we were reminded of how beautiful this venue was. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and the clouds were incredibly white. It was such a joy to see these two get married in front of all their close friends. It’s evident by their wedding party that they are loved greatly by their friends and it speaks volumes about who they are as a couple.

We are so happy for the both of you and congratulations again! Thank you for having us at your wedding. We had a lot of fun listening to your maid of honor’s “girls don’t cry” speech and your best man’s speech where he revealed all of Diwei’s secret thoughts on Rachel. :)

Photographer: Sasha Photo –

Clos LaChance Winery Wedding Highlight, San Martin CA // Donna + Ron

When we first spoke with Donna and Ron over the phone, I knew that they were one of the most down to earth couples we were going to meet. Donna already had an idea of what she wanted her wedding to be like and Ron was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. In fact, he had already started taking action. We were surprised to hear that Ron had a lot of crafting skills especially because we’ve always worked with couples where the ladies do the crafting and artsy stuff. While the guy, you know, waits for instructions (At least for me it was). But Ron did a lot of DIYs for the wedding and whatever awesome idea Donna had, Ron tried to make it happen. On a side note, another non-typical girl thing is that Donna actually played Counter-strike and actually met one of her bridesmaids named Ivy through it. Fun fact.

It was also Ivy who, with the help of David, secretly created a date for Donna and Ron by ditching them at a restaurant even though they were all supposed to be getting late night snacks together. Ron then made a bet with Donna saying that they’re not going to come. Donna agreed to bet and said “…You’re on! Loser pays for dinner” because she trusted that her friend would never desert her. But in fact, as time went by, it was just the two of them when the check landed on the table. It was then that Ron being the the gentlemen that he is, let her pay for the bill. Ever since then it became evident that they love each other very much. It was even evident in the vows during the ceremony.

Their ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Clos LaChance Winery. The personal decorations of the DIYs complemented the beautiful mountainous backdrop of the winery and blended in so well. What’s even more awesome was they had ice cream at the end of the night!! Did I mention how chill they are? (no pun intended). We definitely bond through sweets though. Even when we met them for the first time, they picked a place that we love so much and our stomachs love so much, and that place is none other than Yogurtland. It was then that I knew we connected.

We are so happy for the both of you and congratulations again! Thank you for having us at your wedding. It was an absolute joy.

Shoutout to Helen + Arnel and Serena + Jon for introducing us to these two lovebirds!

Wedding Coordinaton/Planning: Kristin Murphy/Hope at Clos LaChance Winery
Photographer: Matthias Photo –
DJ/MC: Tony at
Cake: Cero Anthony at

Nagisa & Dan, Sonoma Wedding // The First Dance

Happy Valentine’s Day to you guys! Today we have a special treat for you!

If you remember, we had the privilege of creating Nagisa & Dan’s wedding highlight video! a few months back, but during that process we really enjoyed watching all their footage of their wedding day. We spent a lot of time piecing together their full length video and wanted to share with you guys their amazing first dance together. During their reception they decided to flash mob their guests and provide them with a ton of entertainment and fun. We cannot begin to tell you what a treat it was so that’s why we have to show you. :)

Check out their flash mob group!

Congratulations again Nagisa and Dan!

Wedding Coordinaton/Planning: Alex Barranco at
Photographer: Kara Miller Photography –
Check out their photos here!
DJ/MC: DJ Kenfused at

Sonoma Wedding at Nicholson Ranch – Nagisa and Dan Wedding Highlight from Visia Productions on Vimeo.